Friday, January 04, 2008

Still ridiculous plus what's with the Loo?

hey, I'm starting an actual full-time job on Monday after about 9 months of being laid off/unemployment/full-time staying at home with the K.I.D. and I'm nervous and excited and scared for both myself and for the K.I.D. who has to go to daycare for the first time in her little life (all other mom's working times before this having been handled by nannies). also, I'm hoping that full-time employment will allow me to update this gosh-darn blog thing more frequently than twice in a coon 's age, so stay tuned.

but more importantly, I have a question.

in the several years that I've been entertaining at home as a married woman, I have noticed that the people I'm entertaining (feeding, serving drinks--often alcoholic drinks, but not always) rarely ever use our bathroom during their many hours at our house.

now, maybe I need to call my friendly neighborhood urologist for a checkup, but I rarely DON'T use my hosts' W.C. when I'm visiting someone. so what gives with my guests?

am I THAT bad of a housekeeper that they daren't enter the potty? if so, why hasn't some kind honest soul ever mentioned this to me?

am I stingy with the agua and all their internal moisture is currently assisting other body functions?

are they social camels?

I am baffled and curious.

what say YOU? when out and about at the abodes of your chums, do you avoid their toilettes or barge right in for relievin'?

I really want to know.


fiestascramble said...

I have the bladder of a grasshopper and I drink A LOT of water, so I usually hit my hosts' bathrooms twice (minimum).

Scrubby Nub and The Bothered Brigade said...

If I can help it, I avoid using the bathroom. I just usually can't help it. It's uncharted territory, even if only to pee. It's kind of the same thing that prevents me from gorging myself on cocktail-party snacks: It isn't a matter of etiquette, it's a matter of personal comfort. I'm not saying that's normal -- it's not. That's just the way it is.

p.s. I have five older siblings, the oldest of whom is 38. That's how I know how to tight roll. New info on the sweat pants thing, though.