Friday, September 14, 2007

Addendum: The PCH

Reading through the October issue of Los Angeles magazine (cuz it was laying around and I needed a mommy break--it's ok to pile ever more puffed rice cereal on N's high chair tray so I can finish the article about Adam Carolla, right? I'm not a bad mom if she eats her weight in Kix occasionally, am I?) and I almost choked on my high-fiber Joe's O's. Deep in the article, when the author mentions Mr. Carolla's drive to a house in Malibu that he's refurbishing, there's my latest and biggest pet peeve: the Pacific Coast Highway. THE! In front of PCH!

So I'm officially dismounting my high horse on this one and will just briefly and silently pass judgment whenever I hear the offending article in front of the highway's name. If the production staffers for a magazine that dares to claim Los Angeles as its name can't get it right, there's no hope for the rest of the transplants. Feh.

P.S.A.: Those high fiber Joe's O's will do a number on your GI tract if you're not careful. 10 grams of fiber in one serving. Holy smokes! Stick with the regulars, if you know what's good for you.

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