Monday, August 06, 2007

Today's Best 6 Things

1. Rodrigo y Gabriela

2. The chocolate pretzel doughnut from Primo's on Sawtelle

3. Perfectly ripe fruit from my uncle's surprise nectarine tree and super-cheap-and-tasty bing cherries from Vons all in the same mouthful

4. The Hudade Special at Rahel's in Little Ethiopia. It's injera-rrific!

5. Riding through our new neighborhood on the back of a tandem beach cruiser with my husband at the helm and the baby at her grandparents'

6. The smell of N's sweet delicious baby breath when she throws her tiny arms around my neck and squeezes, and then, with half-closed eyes, smothers my cheeks, lips and chin with slobbery toddler kisses and doesn't let go. She is everything.


fiestascramble said...

First, I almost spit out a mouthful of coffee when I saw your link to "Hot Chicks with Douchebags!" They are now linked to from LA Pickpocket as well. SO RAD. Second, this post is super sweet and lovely. I especially like the tandem beach cruiser imagery, and, of course, the toddler mommy kisses.

Cadien said...

my aunt b bests:
1) the og jump-into-the-pool-at-the-holiday party dare, a.k.a., i-knew-i-liked-you
2) every second of the "me (C) tours"
2) the light inside the bradbury building
3) n's appreciation for mah jewel'reh
4) n's poop at the japanese-american museum
5) actually helping? cut steaks in the kitchen
6) dancing to Pebbles at work
7) the Watson twins
8) dinners in CC w. you and E

Cadien said...

9) The Foundation/ Ojai