Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yucking My Yum

Well, Son of Clausen didn't taste so hot. The Second Loaf was better, but still not great. Turns out that I jumped into breadmaking too early. In talking to my friend Munky Jason, who has a degree in pastrymaking and some experience with starting starters, I discovered that it takes at least 2 weeks for the little yeasty buggers to get hearty enough to make a decent loaf of bread, not 3 to 7 days, like I initally thought. I was glad to hear this, since it means that I haven't totally failed as a sourdough girl. In another several days I'll try again and hopefully have better results.

I also made some sourdough pancakes the other day, and they weren't too bad. The batter was uber-thin, so it took forever (I never actually made it through the whole batch of batter, due to Little N's request for love and attention) to cook, but the flavor was kinda pleasing.

I have high hopes for future Clausen Spawn.


And speaking of such things, it appears that our new neighbors have been enjoying of the ganja this afternoon. I just installed a temporary screen door flap thing on our french doors and was appreciating the breeze while N was napping and what started out smelling like a mid-afternoon barbeque somewhere in the vicinity has definitely turned out to be weed smoking. Made me laugh and also made me wonder just how much contact there needs to be for a 16-month-old to get a contact high. Hmm. We'll be closing those french doors now, methinks. Voila.

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