Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The PCH and other atrocities

Hey, all you folks who do not originally hail from Southern California. I have some information for you regarding the way we do and say things around here, starting with the one that irks me the most:

Where that "the" came from, I'm not sure. Maybe it's an assumption that because we use the article before the name of most of our freeways (the San Diego Freeway, the 22, the 10, the 110), you assume that the same goes for Pacific Coast Highway. But it doesn't. Don't know why. It just doesn't. You probably heard one non-native call it that when you were still a newbie and now you're spreading the disease to countless other helpless newbies. Stop calling it "the PCH" or I'm going to shave your backside with a hubcap and send you back to East Whatsitcalled.

And, see, I'm nice IRL, so I can't just bust out and correct you when I'm talking to you in person and you offend with the the. So I'm relying on everyone reading this here or hearing about it from their uber-cool friend who read it here.

And now I've gotten myself too riled up to think of any other things to complain about right now, so I'll have to take this back up later. Nighty-night.

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fiestascramble said...

WOW. The Scrubby Nub really irked you with his latest "Evolving Revolution" post! I know that I am one such newbie spreading this disease.