Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Just Had the Weirdest Dream: Part 1

Two nights ago I am awakened by The Kid for nursing in the wee hours immediately after having this dream:

I'm at a Tupperware-style Diana Ross Wig Party at Diana Ross' house (Big D is there modeling the Wigs and pitching their Wonders to all in attendance), and I get talked into spending $250 on a Diana Ross Wig of my very own by Gwen Stefani (or Katie Holmes, it's been too many hours since the dream and I can't remember which of them it was) and I just keep thinking "E's going to freak out when he finds out I spent $250 on a wig." But in the dream, I really really wanted that Wig, in all it's floppy puffiness.

And now I can't get "Love Child" outta my head.

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