Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The urban homesteaders over at Homegrown Revolution, in addition to being supreme bad-asses, make insanely good mostly whole wheat bread using a sourdough starter they cultivated from scratch, and we were the lucky recipients of a gorgeous loaf of hearthy goodness recently. It didn't last through the night. I would have eaten the whole thing myself if my excited email to E hadn't spilled the beans on the existence of the loaf in our kitchen back at the old place.

I've been curious about sourdough starters for years now and have always wanted to launch my own attempt to cultivate one. I'm using the setting up of a new kitchen as a reason to stop procrastinating on this and am therefore proud to say that tonight I took the plunge with the combining of flour and water.

Meet Clausen, my very own whole wheat-based sourdough starter, who I am raising in a giant pickle jar (hence his name) graciously donated to the cause by my mother-in-law, and who I hope will be the progenitor of countless loaves, pancakes and the like.

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E said...

Bring on the brown food!!!!!!!