Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clausen is dead. Long live Clausen!

I killed my sourdough starter two days ago. Much like purebred collie dogs, sourdough starters are pets you have to feed every day, a lesson I have now learned the hard way. I let my life get in the way of my Clausen-tending and after 24 hours of neglect, he got moldy and nasty and that was that. Just one missed feeding. Just one!

My sadness is tempered a bit, though, by the memory of two wonderful breakfasts that Clausen provided us (one decent batch of pancakes and one delightful batch of waffles) and the knowledge that in two weeks, I'll have an active starter again, easy peasy, and we'll be off and running on the breadful path. My mourning will be brief and disinfecting, and involve two shots of whiskey: one for me and one for the jar.

And like cats named Snowball on Evergreen Terrace, the new starter will also be named Clausen, natch.

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